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Hamblen County School System is implementing a new and easy way for parents to shop for their students' school supply lists!

We are proud to be a part of Teacherlists where you can log on from your mobile device or computer, find your student's supply lists and shop directly from the site!

Your child's school will inform you through their website, when the school's new supply lists have been updated and are ready to shop OR you may signup directly with Teacherlists to be notified when the new lists have posted.  You may choose to have the items mailed directly to you or pick-up in stores.  Participating stores are Walmart, Target, Office Max, Staples and many more.  Shopping will open in June 2022.

Please look for these buttons on your school's website that will link you directly to Teacherlists or log on directly to Teacherlists.com and locate your district, school and list.

School Supply Lists
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We hope you enjoy this new and convenient way to shop for school supplies.

School Supply Lists
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Supply Lists 2022-23

Pre K Supply List

2022-2023 School Supply List

Russellville Primary



1 4 count package of Play-doh 

1 clear zipper pencil pouch with 3 holes

2  Glue sticks

2 Dry erase markers (Mrs. Mary ONLY)

1   8 count Jumbo Crayons

1 8 count regular crayons

1  package Crayola Markers (Mrs. Tammy, Mrs. Julie ONLY) 

1  container Baby wipes (Mrs. Tammy, Mrs. Julie ONLY)

1   container Clorox Wipes

1 bottle Hand sanitizer

Girls:  1 box each sandwich and gallon size baggies (Mrs. Julie ONLY)

Boys: 1 box each snack and quart size baggies (Mrs. Julie ONLY)


Change of clothes to leave at school (shirt, pants, underwear, socks)


Backpack large enough to hold folder.



Kindergarten Supply List

2022-2023 School Supply List

Russellville Primary





_____ Backpack – (no wheels) This should be large enough to hold your     

          child’s folders, library books, jacket, etc.

_____ 1 durable folder- with 3 holes to go in binder

_____ 1 -3 prong RED PLASTIC folder with pockets

_____ 1” 3 ring binder with a clear plastic front/back covering

_____ 1 clear zipper pencil pouch for a 3 ring binder
_____ 2 packs of 12 glue sticks, or more

_____ 12- #2 plain pencils (no designs) *** (Ticonderoga lasts longer)

_____ 1 pair of Fiskars scissors (teacher tested to last longer and more reliable)

_____ 3 boxes of Crayola crayons (only) 16-24 count ***

_____ 1 plastic pencil box – cigar box size – nothing bigger/smaller

_____ 3 composition books (usually black and white) (no wire bound)

_____ 2 big pink erasers

_____ 1 set of headphones in a Ziploc bag with child’s name (NO EARBUDS)

_____ 2 primary journals (There will be space at the top for drawing and 

space at the bottom for writing. The lines at the bottom for writing will have, a solid line (top), dotted line (middle), and solid line (bottom), for them to learn to form letters correctly.) 

    https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/gLK7vWR0dtaizScmulBNWBifkt_pt_WZlSMPH0AqOuTpsfcgiF6yO4P2TC6A0Fk-5vEZfn99Y9oXXGbdb7atlklwjvlc91xto9jk6fHvK0eAocFvC-DrzEXC6vjv7-xwFvF54Fs (Journal will say K-2)          

_____ 1 change of clothing – In the event of any accident at school, a 

          seasonal change of clothing is needed to be left in your child’s 

          backpack with name on the inside labels. 

________ $12.00 SUPPLY FEE (Cash Only) 

*** Buy in bulk. Students go through these items quickly. 

Optional Items needed for the Classroom

_____ 2 boxes 175 count Kleenex tissues 

_____ 2 containers of Lysol or Clorox disinfectant wipes – used to clean tables  

          daily for virus protection

_____  Ziploc bags gallon and quart – used for learning centers/book baggies

_____ 1 box of bandaids

_____ Hand Sanitizer


First Grade Supply List

2022-2023 School Supply List

Russellville Primary


First Grade


We’re looking forward to meeting our new group of 1st graders in August.  Below is a supply list for those who would like to shop over summer.  Your classroom teacher will notify you of other supplies needed.  

Have a great summer and we’ll see you in August!!

First Grade Teachers

Back pack (no rollers)

24 pack of pencils

2 packs of 16-24 crayons

16 glue sticks (more if possible, we use a lot of these)

1 pair of Fiskars scissors

1 pack of highlighters

4 dry erase markers 

4 composition books

1 plastic folders with holes 

2 large box of tissues

1 container of disinfectant wipes

1 1” binder 

1 clear front pencil pouch with holes


$12.00 supply fee


1 pack of post it notes

Ziploc bags    girls- gallon       boys-quart 

This is a great time to buy extras of the above items while they are at low prices, especially glue sticks, pencils, and crayons.  




Second Grade Supply List

2022-2023 School Supply List

Russellville Primary


2nd Grade


2 packs of post it notes

2  highlighters

1   soft  zippered school box for supplies

16-24  count of crayons or twist up crayons   

2    dry erase markers            

2    red pens 

1    package of glue sticks   

2    packages of regular #2 yellow pencils  

1     package of large pink  erasers           

1     bottle of wet glue

1     3-hole punched folder 

1     pair of Fiskar scissors    

1      Set of headphones for a laptop (no earbuds)    

2       Boxes of tissues

1      one inch binder

2      composition books

1      container of Clorox wipes

1 box gallon or quart size Ziploc bags

·       Boys send one box of gallon size

·       Girls send one box of quart size

2 regular folders (no holes)

$12 supply fee

Third Grade Supply List

2022-2023 School Supply List

Russellville Elementary School


Third Grade

  • 1 Box of 24 Crayons

  • 1 Pair of Scissors

  • 2 Packages of Pencils (Ticonderoga)

  • 4 Glue Sticks

  • 1inch 3-ring (Durable) binder with pockets

  • 1 Plastic Pocket Folder with Holes for Binder

  • 4 Composition Books

  • 1 Set of Headphones

  • 2 Yellow Highlighters

  • Cap Erasers

  • 1 Pencil Pouch for Binder

  • 1 Pencil Box

  • Clorox Wipes 

  • Box of Tissues 

**We understand that buying school supplies can be exciting. Please do not purchase any extra items that can become a distraction during class.  

**Please label each composition book with your child’s name and each of the following subjects: 

Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies



Fourth Grade Supply List

2022-2023 School Supply List

Russellville Elementary School



Fourth Grade

These are items your child will NEED to start school.. PLEASE LABEL ALL SUPPLIES WITH YOUR CHILD’S NAME. 


1 backpack (NO rollers)

2  INCH BINDER (NO large binders or trapper keepers)

* 1 folder to go in binder

* 1 pencil pouch to go in binder (NO pencil boxes)

3 to 4 Packs of loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled) *  1 PACK IN THE BINDER

* #2 pencils (wooden, plain)

1 pack of cap erasers or a big Pink Pearl eraser

 1 pack of red pens * 1 PEN IN POUCH

* 1 pair of kids’ scissors

1 small pack of highlighters highlighter * 1 HIGHLIGHTER IN POUCH

* 24 ct (no larger) crayons or colored pencils

* 2 Expo markers

1 pack of glue sticks & 1 bottle of glue * 1 GLUE STICK IN POUCH

++++  4 marbled  BOUND composition books labeled with the following subjects & your child’s name    ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science ++++

2 packs/sets of earbuds NO headphones - earbuds don’t break as easy

HCBOE Supply Fee $12.00 cash    3 large boxes of Kleenex 

1 large container of Clorox or Lysol wipes  1 bag of individually wrapped candy

GIRLS- 1 box of gallon ziplock bags, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

BOYS- 1 box of quart or sandwich ziplock bags, 1 box of band-aids


Fifth Grade Supply List

2022-2023 School Supply List

Russellville Elementary School


Fifth Grade

2 Plastic Folders:  1 Yellow and 1 Green (School Colors)

2 packs of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

4 Black Marbled Composition Books (Any Colors)

Zippered Pencil Pouch (Any Color)

2 Packs of Red Ink Pens

2 Packs of #2 Pencils

Hand Held Pencil Sharpener

1 Pair of Scissors

2 Packs of Glue Sticks 

1 Bottle of Glue

24 Count Box of Crayons OR Colored Pencils

3 Large Boxes of Kleenex

1 Box of Gallon Ziploc Bags

Pack of Expo Markers

Pack of Highlighters

1 Container of Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

1 Box of Band-Aids

Headphones (Can Use Last Years)

$12 Supply Fee