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Welcome to school year
Welcome to School Year 2021-2022

Welcome to School Year 2021-2022 I want to welcome everyone back to school. We have gotten off to a great start and students have been GREAT! Parents, thank you so much for preparing your child/children for the return to a little abnormal, normal. The arrival and departure have been a little challenging, but with everyone’s great cooperation it has gone much smoother than we thought it might. We are doing everything we can to ensure a safe learning environment for students and staff. It is just great having kids back in the building and listening to some good old school noise. With all of us working together, we are going to have a great school year. Parents and students, you could not ask for a better staff. The employees of Russellville Elementary School have done everything and much more that has been asked of them. Mrs. Murph-Smith and I could not ask for more out of these great people that are doing all they can to make it a great year for all the boys and girls that call RES home. I do want to mention one more time; parents you are great and have been great. Thank you, thank you for helping us get off to a wonderful start. Your child/children have been so cooperative and have looked out for each other more than you can imagine. PARENTS/STUDENTS THIS IS YOUR SCHOOL. The crew that reports to work here everyday, we are just the lucky ones that also get to call RES home. Sammie Taylor II

Fri Sep 10 10:58 AM