Basketball- Girls

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Lady Hornets

WE Hear, "Russellville" - Big Deal!!!

WE Listen to, "Hornets Get Real!!!"

WE Are Polite, We don't say a Word

WE Listen, Let them be heard

WE know most don't like teams in GREEN

WE Hear our coach is OLD and MEAN

WE Have no excuses, we do it our way

WE Don't Worry about what others say

WE Show up, play hard, give it our all!!



Lady Hornets

Molley Bowman

Mackenzie Collins

Reagan Forrester

Zoe Luttrell

Alexis Parsons

Ramsey Young

Harmony Sullivan

Kacey Pillion

Sydney Price

Lilabeth Jordan

Josie Helton

 Mackenzie Jarnagin